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A Creepshow Holiday Special Shapeshifts In Many Directions [Review]

Shudder’s Creepshow series has done an excellent job thus far giving viewers an anthology to latch onto. Capturing the spirit of what made the original George A. Romero & Stephen King collab...

Cursed Films

Shudder’s Cursed Films Deftly Explores Bewitched Cinema [Review]

Cursed Films is a series that recently premiered its debut episode on Shudder. The show highlights the hexed histories of some horror classics. The horror genre manifests occult-oriented oddities by i...

11.22.63 Franco

Review: 11.22.63 – Episode 1

Based on the recent Stephen King bestseller, 11.22.63 is a miniseries with some frankly amazing star power attached. This could easily have been a major studio film with actors like James Franco and C...