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Horror Mandy Tyler's Top Horror Films

Tyler Doupe’s Top Five Horror Movies of 2018

Better late than never, right? I’ve finally gotten through my backlog of screeners and am ready to reveal my top horror films of 2018. To say that 2018 was a great year for horror would be an un...

What We DO in the Shadows - vampire movies that went overlooked.

Tyler’s Top Five Horror Films of 2015

I found 2015 to be a great year for horror. Granted, I see about 300% more films in a year than the average horror fan. But I was actually shocked at how difficult it was to narrow down my choices whe...

Halloween III Halloween Franchise - Great producing efforts by great directors - Halloween III - Tyler Doupe's Top Five. Zena's top five horror films to watch on Halloween. - Why the Halloween Franchise Keeps Rebooting (And Why That's a Good Thing)

Tyler Doupe’s Top Five to Watch on Halloween

This Halloween season, the Wicked Horror team has come together to share our favorite movies to watch on Halloween. Now, it’s your faithful editor’s turn. So, here I go. When it comes to H...