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What Keeps You Alive

Why We Need More Queer Horror Movies [Editorial]

Pride month is upon us and, with the release of Shudder’s rather brilliant, yet still devastating new documentary, Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street, comes the desire to immerse ourselve...

What Keeps You Alive

Joey’s Top 10 Of 2018

2018 was an insanely good year for horror. We’ve been experiencing something of a golden age lately, at least according to certain sects (read: snooty critics who wrongly believe the only decent...


The Best Of Frightfest 2018

​2018 was an ostensibly weird year for Frightfest. The coolest and best horror festival in the world (a scientific fact) didn’t manage to nab Halloween, Suspiria, or Mandy, three of the most obv...