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2016 horror The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

Blood on my Sofa: Hate From The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Welcome to Blood on my Sofa! Each month I will be providing you with a movie recommendation. It won’t be just any movie, but a movie I watched during the previous month that really rocked my wor...

Best horror films you've never actually seen

Five of the Best Horror Films You’ve Never Seen

As a Horror fanatic, I’m always looking for new films to feed my growing blood-thirsty appetite. Diving into the deepest depths of cinema, in the hopes of uncovering productions with even the mi...


Advance Review: Spell on Wheels

First, before I say anything, hats off to Dark Horse Comics for putting so many women together on a project like Spell on Wheels. Kate Leth, Jen Bartel, and Ming Doyle are powerhouses who I already lo...


Advance Review: Stan Against Evil Season 1

IFC’s latest horror comedy, Stan Against Evil is the latest in a barrage of horror comedy shows released in the last year. With the success of Ash vs The Evil Dead and horror television in gener...


Horrible Films for Horrible People: Witchouse (1999)

Are you looking for an awesome Halloween film you can watch and get completely freaked out by? Sorry, look elsewhere! If you’re looking for a movie with no storyline, no suspense and absolutely ...

Forbidden Empire movie poster 2015

Advance Review: Forbidden Empire

Forbidden Empire follows British cartographer Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng) in the midst of his scientific journey to map out Europe and Asia as he stumbles across a village that’s having… problems. ...