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11 Terrifying TikTok Videos That Went Viral

TikTok, the short-form video-sharing app popular among Gen Z and Millennials is filled with dance trends, lip-sync videos, life hacks, tutorials, comedy skits, and about every interesting hashtag you can imagine. It’s a great source of entertainment as you can browse hundreds of videos that suit your interests. However, TikTok has a darker side filled with creepy, disturbing, and truly terrifying videos – welcome to HorrorTok. It’s a great platform for scary content considering it’s like watching a found-footage clip.

It’s all fun and games scrolling through TikTok until you hear, “Tiptoe Through the Tulips,” and chills run down your spine. HorrorTok is filled with paranormal, supernatural, creatures, true crime mysteries, missing persons cases, and haunting documentation videos. It can be a suspenseful sixty seconds of an exaggerated skit, a horrific prank, or a real-life haunting. Either way, the element of surprise is extremely thrilling.

The horror community is quickly spreading to a whole new generation and there is no lack of scares. TikTok has become a huge part in storytelling and Internet horror. Whether real or fake, all the below videos went viral and are terrifying for one reason or another.

  1. Ready for Bed

The original video was removed by the user who posted it (I’m scared to find out why). Take a look in the upper left-hand corner and be prepared to sleep with the lights on tonight.


Is that a ghost?! Like and follow us for more ghost reactions👻 @5up3r5wa66n3al #ghost #fyp #haunted #spirits #friendsgiving

♬ original sound – therodrigueztwins

  1. Graveyard Ghosts

At one point in my life, I wanted to work in a cemetery but this video is a great reminder that I made the right choice to pursue less frightening endeavors.


Security see‘s very creepy thinks! #ghost #paranormal #creepy #scary #fyp #fy #graveyard

♬ Originalton – dom.the.ghost

  1. Plane Ride from Hell

I’m pretty sure I’d toss my phone in the trash after this plane landed out of fear of receiving a phone call that I was going to die in 7 days.


Not A Fun Flight ✈ #paranormal #ufomaybe #scaryride #deltalair #ghost #intheair #holdontigh

♬ Scary Sounds – Bobby Cole

  1. House Haunting

In this series of videos, a man finds old hospital documentation regarding psychiatric patients inside his haunted house and details all the paranormal activity surrounding it. I think I speak for everyone when I say he should run to the nearest priest.


House Part 6. Full length youtube videos will be up super soon! I’ve been trying to communicate. I got some answers. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral

♬ original sound – Nick

  1. Shadow Person

This is the only TikTok that replayed in my mind for months and I was super paranoid about looking in the bathroom mirror.


Peekaboo! #haunted #creepy #ghost #shadowpeople #hauntedtiktok #scary #paranormal #spooky #cursed #spirit #imscared

♬ original sound – Joseph Conde

  1. Simon Says

If you were on the fence about getting an Alexa device, I hope this video convinces you otherwise.


bro wtf did she say at the end😖😳 #scared #foyoupage #alexa #possessed

♬ original sound – Jackie Cole

  1. The Basement

For once, I’m very glad I live in an apartment where I don’t have access to a creepy basement.


HORROR STORY: I didn’t see him until I looked at the footage again… #fyp #horror #creepy #it

♬ original sound – 👻

  1. Hanging in a Tree

Does anyone know the return policy on a child that sees dead people?


At the end he says “it’s not a lady but she’s still dead”. He also told me after I stopped recording that she was tied to the tree. #creepy #haunted

♬ original sound – ✨Ashley✨

  1. La Llorona

If you go looking for La Llorona, don’t be surprised when you actually find her.


This could be my final video. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #exprESSIEyourself #YouGotThis #MicellarRewind #Yellow #scary #lallorona #ceooflost #horror

♬ Creepy sound and bell sound(855646) – みみさらい

  1. Haunted House

Nope. Nope. Nope.


I’m never going back there #fyp #foryou #hauntedtiktok #ghost

♬ original sound – Logan Donald Knobloch

  1. Possessed Doll

My history with dolls is very traumatic and any story surrounding a possessed doll gives me chills.

See: My Life Turned into a Nightmare After Meeting the Real Annabelle Doll


3:10am 6th night of hearing the kids toys going off…AND CAUGHT THIS ! #spannishdoll #creepy #haunted #scared

♬ original sound – Kirsty

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