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Were Ed and Lorraine Warren Fakes?

Were Ed and Lorraine Warren Frauds? The Answer May Surprise You.

Were Ed and Lorraine Warren frauds? Quite possibly But it depends on who you ask. The pair were two of the most divisive names in the paranormal field. Their cases, of course, are legend. And they hav...

My Life Turned into a Nightmare After Meeting the Real Annabelle Doll

Since I was a kid, I’ve immersed myself in watching horror movies and shows and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of being scared regardless of the nightmares that haunt me after the fact. Howe...

The Levenger Tapes Review

The ‘Levenger Tapes’ Review: A Found Footage Film That Should’ve Stuck to One Angle

The Levenger Tapes focuses on the plight of three-college age students, a myriad of bad decisions, and the police detectives trying to track them down. Throughout the film, scenes switch between the t...

Let's Scare Jessica to Death

These Seven Haunted House Movies Are Severely Underrated

Tales of haunted houses and ghost stories make up the oldest and widest subgenre in horror. Before there were any horror films, there were ghost stories. Long before Shirley Jackson wrote The Haunting...

House 1986

Why House is a Quirky, Absurdly Charming Ghost Story

It’s hard to make a ghost story that’s different. More than most other sub-genres in horror, ghost stories rely on very similar tropes and structure in order to work. Most of them are set around a hou...

The Changeling Horror movies that need to be remade

Why The Changeling Needs to be Rediscoverd

While there are a wealth of haunted house movies that have been released in recent years, they haven’t led to much rediscovery of older films in the genre. This is a bit of a shame. Poltergeist, The S...

11 Terrifying TikTok Videos That Went Viral

TikTok, the short-form video-sharing app popular among Gen Z and Millennials is filled with dance trends, lip-sync videos, life hacks, tutorials, comedy skits, and about every interesting hashtag you ...

Grave Encounters

Six Baffling, Unexplained Real-Life Paranormal Events

In the age of the Internet it’s easier to be skeptical than ever. That’s fair, too. It doesn’t necessarily mean that people are less open—although there are always some—it just means that everything i...

The Siren

The Siren is an Arthouse Exploration of Grief [Review]

The Siren follows Tom (Evan Dumouchel of Doctor Sleep), a man who has lost his ability to speak by way of an unfortunate accident. While visiting a lake house, Tom encounters Al (MacLeod Andrews of Do...

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