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Amazing Halloween Horror Houses

halloween themed houses

It’s nearly our favorite time of the year once again, Halloween! When it comes to the holiday spirit, it seems everyone saves their decorating energy for Christmas, but our favorite people are those that go diehard with the Halloween decorations. Whether that’s carved jack-o-lanterns or ghostly figures on the front porch, Wicked Horror takes a look at 12 of the most Wicked Halloween horror houses. Let us know your favorite in the comments box below!

Sci-Fi Alien Inspired Halloween Horror House..

Phone home. Phone home now. Scare trick or treaters, party-goers and the Government with this get-up.

Horror movie inspired Halloween decorated houses.

The ‘Don’t come to my yard or you’ll die” Halloween house.

Jurassic King Kong Halloween house.

Jurassic Park meets King Kong and its fair to say, any guests will probably be eaten alive.

Halloween Houses horror childs.

Creepy kids is one thing, but creepy kids made out of plastic bags playing ring-o-roses. Everything is a trick.

Horrible Halloween Horror Houses.

The ‘People definitely die at this house” Halloween “decorations”.

Beetlejuice inspired Halloween house.

It may take three attempts to get it right but you’ll sure to make some deadly dreams come through with this Beetlejuice inspired Halloween decorations.

Cemetry Halloween horror house.

A real celebrity-haunt.

Halloween horror houses.

The ‘this is how you do Halloween’ house.

Halloween horror decorated houses.

I hope you’re dressed as Rick Grimes if you’re turning up to a house like this on Halloween.

Halloween wonderland.

A Halloween horror wonderland that’s sure to light-up everyone’s faces.

Arachnophobia Halloween horror house.

Not many people like spiders and with this creepy crawly get-up you may have no-one turn up to the party.

Scarecrow halloween horror decorated house.

If you ever managed this you deserve a Halloween horror house award. I bet there are no birds in this garden.

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