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Horror Movie Kids We’d Love to See as Adults

Everyone wonders sometimes what happened after the end of their favorite horror movies. It’s natural. If we care about the characters, we want to see where and how they ended up. It’s part of the reason why the genre is filled with so many sequels. When we like certain characters, we want to see more of them. This is especially interesting with kids, because you can’t help but wonder who they grew up to be. Did they become a hero or just a regular person like the rest of us? Or did they become a monster? Sure, we’re overthinking it but that’s part of the fun of the horror community. People think about these things, it’s the kind of subject that fans who have never even met before can talk about at conventions. So with all of that in mind, let’s take a look at horror movie kids we’d love to see as adults.

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Robbie Freeling from Poltergeist (1982)

Young Robbie may not have been sucked into the TV, but he still had it rough in the original Poltergeist. After he was the target of both the nightmare-inducing clown and the child-eating tree. How did he handle it? As rough as the family had it (both on and off screen) I think young Robbie would be the most interesting of the horror movie kids on this list to see as an adult.

Robbie Freeling in Poltergeist

Jacob Johnson from A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

It’s worth noting that for many of the early drafts, Jacob was supposed to be the John Doe character in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, but this was pretty much dropped. Even though the character doesn’t have a name in the film, so it’s still possible, the ages don’t match up. But what happened to Alice and her boy? Did he ever cross paths with Freddy again or did he get to live out some kind of happy, normal life?

Jacob Dream Child

Marty Coslaw from Silver Bullet

The end of Silver Bullet definitely sounds like the adult Jane is narrating the story as a sort of goodbye to her brother, who has just died. But that still gives us plenty of time to catch up with Marty post-werewolf. What did he grow up to do? To be? And how did he die? Was it illness or something more sinister?

Marty Silver Bullet

Stephanie Freeman from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Stephanie was just a baby when she was terrorized by Uncle Jason, so we never really got to know her as a character. But she’d be grown by now. What happened to her? What if Jason got himself in another body-less jam and needed to track her down? Most people don’t even want to think about Jason Goes to Hell, but I’ve always been curious as to what became of the other side of the Voorhees clan.

baby Stephanie in Jason Goes to HellMark Petrie from Salem’s Lot

I’ll admit that one of the first things I thought when I heard Stephen King was writing Doctor Sleep was, “Why not Mark Petrie?” As much as I love the character of Danny Torrance, Mark was always my favorite of the horror movie kids from King’s filmography. He’s one of my favorite fictional characters, period. The boy vampire hunter escaped with Ben Mears at the end, but there were still vampires in Salem’s Lot, and I’ll always wonder if he eventual went back for them as the book suggested, or if they eventually tracked him down.

Mark Petrie in Salem's LotRudy from The Monster Squad

One of the Monster Squad had to top this list and how could it not be Rudy, the most badass of the horror movie kids from The Monster Squad? He may not have been the leader of the group, but he was the muscle and the one who seemed the most likely to keep fighting the good fight as he got older. Maybe he even kept fat kid Horace as a sidekick. Not that Horace couldn’t take care of himself. But if anyone could keep the club alive all these years later, Rudy would be it.

Rudy in The Monster Squad

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