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Cujo - Donna from Cujo

Back to the ’80s: Cujo

Welcome to Back to the ’80s. This recurring feature aims to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly from horror’s most beloved decade. Regardless of which category a particular film falls under...

Stranger Things

Review: Stranger Things Yields Satisfying Results

This is the second part to a review of Stranger Things. If you have not yet watched the show, I would recommend reading the earlier review first that focuses on the first two episodes of the show. Thi...


Advance Review – Emelie is a Strikingly Unsettling Thriller

Have you ever watched a movie that isn’t quite horrific, but it still makes shift in your seat? Well, that perfectly describes Michael Thelin’s psychological thriller Emelie. The film take...

Imaginary friends from films

Here’s What Your Favorite Horror Kids Are Doing Now

When you watch horror as a kid, you relate to the kids you’re seeing onscreen. It’s an immediate focus point. A child watches The Shining from Danny’s perspective, because they understand what that ki...

Horror Movie Kids We’d Love to See as Adults

Everyone wonders sometimes what happened after the end of their favorite horror movies. It’s natural. If we care about the characters, we want to see where and how they ended up. It’s part of the reas...

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