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Hannibal Recap – Season 3, Episode 6

If the last episode of NBC’s Hannibal made it seem like the cannibal’s good times in Italy were rapidly coming to an end, then the start of episode six–titled “Dolce”R...

Made-for-TV Horror Movies That Were Surprisingly Great

When we think made-for-TV horror movies, these days, we tend to think of SyFy fare like Sharknado. With good reason too, as that’s the majority of what we’re getting. But horror in any medium can be g...


Hannibal Recap – Season 3, Episode 3

Going into episode three of the third season of NBC’s Hannibal, there was much anticipation and excitement. I vaguely know what is coming later, with the teases that have been given about the Re...

Hannibal Recap – Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2

After the intense, action-filled, and bloody finale of season 2, NBC’s Hannibal returned for round three with less of a bang and more of a whimper for its season opener. But now two episodes in,...

Neve Campbell. Ti West. Character videos - MTV Scream series. Scream Television Series

Why The Scream TV Series Could Work

The Scream TV series, premiering this June on MTV, could be an absolute failure. There are a lot of ways it could not work. This isn’t really a secret and, in regards to the show, it’s all anyone seem...

Title Sequence from American Horror Story revealed. Poster regarding American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Advance Review – American Horror Story: Freak Show Episodes I and II

[soliloquy id=”7829″] American Horror Story: Freak Show takes place in the early 1950s in the hamlet of Jupiter, Florida. It follows Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) and her troupe of curiosities...

The crew of popular paranormal series Ghost Adventures.

Paranormal Investigators – Top Ghost Hunting Shows on TV

TV shows about Paranormal Investigators are all the rage, with an array of different programs to choose from. Here we list some of the most notable and exciting paranormal activity shows ever, but ple...

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