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Cereal Killers Brings Horror And Cereal Together At Last

Cereal Killers - Horror breakfast cereal

One of the best things about being an adult is eating disgustingly sugary cereal at any time of the day or night. And, if you usually chow down over a horror movie, like the rest of the cool kids, artist Joe Simko has the perfect collectable to feast your eyes upon mid-bite.

With his Cereal Killers project, Simko has created a line of art sticker cards depicting fictional, but delicious-sounding, cereals based on some of our favourite horror movies.

He’s also a dab hand with clever puns, for example “Children Of The Corn Flakes” (see image below).

In an interview with Vice, Simko described his inspiration thus:

“When I started to design the look and feel of the Cereal Killers, I wanted to invoke a tribute to that 1980s collectible world of gross-out celebration for kids. Just like Garbage Pail Kids, Madballs, Boglins, and many others successfully achieved during that 80s time.”

The sticker cards certainly have a super-colourful, eighties look to them, evocative of the gore-fest flicks Simko, and the rest of us, loved growing up.

And, not only do they obviously come from a cereal aficionado, but the attention to detail speaks to a lifetime of horror obsession. Check out the rest of the rest of the artwork below (The Exorcrisp looks particularly delicious):

Cereal Killers A Clockwork Porridge

Cereal Killers Honey Gut Cheeriogres Cereal Killers The Exorcrisp Cereal Killers The Wheatful Dead

Cereal Killers Children Of The Corn Flakes

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