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Horror Movie Icons As Adorable, Murderous Babies

freddy krueger from nightmare on elm street

After recently stumbling upon an awesome illustration series of Disney Princesses turned Horror Movie Icons by Travis Falligant, I searched to see what other horror fan art I could find. And what precious gems these are. 

Chicago-based illustrator Alex Solis has re-imagined what some of the most popular horror characters might look like as cute, thumb sucking, murderous horror-babies.,

The picture set is part of last year’s Inktober event, which sees artists around the world invited to create an ink drawing a day to get their literal and figurative creative juices flowing. Solis recently became a proud father, so used the life event as the inspiration to the series he calls Baby Terrors.

Solis’s work is definitely a fun new take of our favorite horror icons and an amazing find. Look on below for our fifteen favorite horror babies from the Baby Terror series.


Horror Babies series by Alex Solis.


Alex Solis' baby terrors series.BABY FREDDY KRUEGER

Freddy Krueger as a horror movie illustration babies.BABY LEATHERFACE

The baby terror illustration series by Alex Solis.BABY PINHEAD

Alex Solis Baby terror illustration series.BABY REGAN MACNEIL 

Horror movie icons turned into adorable cute horror movie babies.BABY XENOMORPH

Alex solis horror babies series.BABY BEETLEJUICE

Beetlejuice baby from Alex Solis baby terror series.BABY SWAMP CREATURE

Swamp creature baby by Alex Solis.BABY BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN

Horror babies by Alex Solis.BABY PENNYWISE

Pennywise as a baby by Alex Solis as apart of his Baby Terror series.BABY HANNIBAL LECTER

Hannibal Lecter baby from the Baby Terror illustrations by Alex Solis.BABY CHUCKY

Baby Chucky by Alex Solis as apart of his Baby Terror illustrations series.BABY DRACULA

Alex Solis baby terror illustrations series.BABY SAMARA

Samara from the Ring as a cute baby by Alex Solis.You can view the full Baby Terrors series by clicking here.

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