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VIDEO: Ted Raimi Talks Horror Short Film RED LIGHT

Ted Raimi

For close to four decades, actor/producer Ted Raimi has played everyone from possessed Henrietta in EVIL DEAD 2 to Skinner all the way to Rick in DARKMAN. Always working and bringing a sinister humor to his roles, Raimi is a horror staple and that’s on full display in Alex Kahuam’s RED LIGHT. Revolving around an obnoxious social media influencer and his rude and careless friends, the short film puts the group against a duo of men (Raimi and SLEEPWALKERS’ Brian Krause) who have murderous plans for the group.

Making its world premiere at Stiges, following by the North American premiere at Telluride Horror Show, RED LIGHT is a very entertaining and devilishly grim short to look out for. We hopped on Zoom with Raimi (after a brief scheduling back and forth) to chat all things RED LIGHT and beyond.


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