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New on Netflix is a weekly feature appearing every Friday, listing all of the week’s newest genre film related additions to everyone’s favorite streaming service–and just in time for the weekend!  So pop some popcorn, crack open a few beers, dim the lights, and kill a few hours in Wicked Horror style.

[Rec] 4: Apocalypse (2014)

“In the conclusion to the zombie-packed horror franchise, intrepid TV reporter Ángela Vidal is rescued from death and taken to a floating quarantine facility, but she and her fellow survivors still face a tide of virus-infected mutants.” – Part 3 is also available to stream, but if you want Part 1 and 2, you’ll have to find it elsewhere.

Promotional image for Rec 4: Apocalypse

Extraterrestrial (2014)

“Looking to party hearty over the weekend, five young friends head to a woodland cabin, oblivious to the strange disappearances that have been plaguing the area. After seeing a fiery object crash nearby, the kids investigate — but come to regret it.” – The latest from The Vicious Brothers, who brought us the Grave Encounters films.

Promotional image from 2014's Extraterrestrial.Icetastrophe (2015)

“When pieces of a meteorite strike the Earth and cause icy devastation, two lovers must recombine the fragments to prevent a global deep-freeze.” – Previously known as Christmas Icetastophe, this SyFy production is just as ridiculous as the title suggests.

Claustrophobic scene from 2015's Icetastrophe.Late Phases (2014)

“Newly arrived at a remote retirement community, blind war veteran Ambrose McKinley learns that it’s being plagued by a slew of animal attacks. When his service dog and his neighbor are savagely killed, Ambrose realizes something sinister is afoot.” – One of the best horror films from last year hits Netflix. Read our review!

Transformation scene from 2014's Late Phases.Jinn (2014)

“Ancient legends suggest that at the beginning of time, a phantom race of beings called the Jinn walked invisibly among us. In this supernatural thriller, an earthly crisis prompts the terrifying Jinn to make themselves known.” – Reportedly this film introduces us to an accurate portrayal of the Jinn myth. I guess Wishmaster doesn’t count.

Promotional image from 2014's Jinn.

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