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New on Netflix

New on Netflix is a weekly feature here at Wicked Horror where we take a look at the newest genre additions to everyone’s favorite streaming service. These are pretty infrequent, of course, and sometimes seeing what’s been added is essentially just the luck of the draw. This month is certainly shaping up better than the last, though.

With that in mind, let’s take a look and see what this month is offering up for those who stream constantly and those who are just looking for something to serve as an easy evening’s entertainment.

The Taking of Deborah Logan 

This has been such a big hit on Netflix, drawing in so many viewers and quickly becoming a favorite, that it’s strange to think why the service would even drop it to begin with. It must have just been a part of the original contract. Either way, it’s back and we’re happy to have it, considering that it’s both one of the best possession movies and one of the best found footage movies in recent years.

jill larson in the taking of deborah logan.


I’ll admit there’s a bit of nostalgia attached to this one considering it was the first horror movie I watched when I joined Netflix back in 2008. I knew I was in for a treat. It hasn’t been as frequent over the years since then, but now Teeth is back. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s about a young woman who is extremely sexually repressed and discovers she has a, erm, super power. Basically, her lady parts have teeth. And she uses it for good, mostly, considering every guy in the film turns out to be absolute trash.

Teeth: Vagina DentataExtraterrestrial 

From the duo that brought us the inventive Grave Encounters and its sequel, comes this alien invasion movie. To me, it’s not quite as good, but there’s definitely enough in here to make for an interesting, easy viewing. It’ll pass the time. There are some neat visuals and Michael Ironside is always good to see, however small his role is.Promotional image from 2014's Extraterrestrial.

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Written by Nat Brehmer
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