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New on Netflix: July 1st, 2022


Another Friday- you know what that means! Welcome back to New on Netflix! This week’s list features a reboot of a beloved classic, a mystery, a ghost, a second season of a crime drama and a prison

Blair Witch

The 2016 Blair Witch reboot arrives to Netflix July 3rd. When a young man becomes convinced the mystery of his missing sister is connected to the legend of the Blair Witch, he and a group of his friends travel to the Black Hills Forest in Maryland. The group makes some interesting discoveries, with the help of two local guides, but as the night wears on, they receive a visit from the entity they are searching for; proving that the legend is real. And far more sinister than they could have ever imagined.

Girl in the Picture

When a young mother is discovered dead on the side of a road, the subsequent kidnapping of her son blows open a decades-long mystery about her true identity and the elusive fugitive at the center of it all. The Girl in the Picture will be available to stream on July 6th.

Boo, Bitch (Limited Series)

When two best friends make one last effort to become popular, an accident results in one of them- Erica- crossing over into the spirit world. But Erica quickly runs the risk for being remembered more for what she does as a ghost than what she did in her human life. Boo, Bitch will be available to stream July 8th.

Capitani (Season 2)

Also arriving July 8th is the second season of the Luxembourgian crime drama series, Capitani. For those unfamiliar; Detective Luc Capitani investigates the murder of a teenage girl whose body is found near the village of Manscheid in Luxembourg; having trouble navigating the closed community of the northerners, Capitani teams up with a local policewoman.

The Longest Night (Limited Series)

The Spanish limited series The Longest Night centers on a psychiatric prison where a group of armed men aim to capture an incarcerated serial killer. But the group’s plan is quickly met with resistance by the prison’s warden. The Longest Night will be available to binge on July 8th.

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