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Essential Quarantine Listening: Let’s Go to Court!

If you mashed Legally Blonde with hit true crime podcast My Favorite Murder, you would probably get Let’s Go to Court. Hosted by two of the greatest legal minds of our time, okay, not really. One semester of law school, one semester of criminal justice, a life long obsession with crazy court cases, and a mission to get Noodles and Company to bring back the Spicy Chicken Caesar Wrap is shared between hosts and lifelong friends Brandi Egan and Kristin Caruso, putting a fresh spin on your typical true crime podcast by focusing on stories that have a juicy legal battle at the center.

But don’t worry, this isn’t a Dateline situation where you’ll be bummed out the whole time. While well researched (although if you are hoping for money converted for inflation you are out of luck) and interesting, the banter between these two friends creates a welcoming, warm and occasionally hilariously inappropriate environment that is almost guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

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Being an essential worker in these crazy times I need to be mindful of my wheezing laughter around my poor, unsuspecting co-workers while listening to these hilarious ladies. Every once in a while, you almost get the feeling that you are on a three way call with a couple of buddies. It is the most binge-worthy podcast I’ve come across in a long time. This is an absolute must listen for fans of true crime or anyone simply in need of a laugh.

While listeners are encouraged to start at the very beginning, those hesitant to jump into jump into a new podcast are recommended to start on episode 17 to get a feel for things; in this episode Kristin tells the tale of the “Astronaut Love Tringle” and Brandi reads a transcript from a court proceeding that is so jaw-dropping and explicit that it actually birthed a cartoon reenactment by the creators of Rick and Morty (see below).

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For laughs, wacky side commentary and crazy court moments, check out Let’s Go to Court for free wherever you get your podcasts!

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