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Essential Listening: The Call of the Void

There’s something festering in the swamps of New Orleans. Something ancient. Something evil. When this entity is responsible for a bizarre illness plaguing the city and the disappearance of his father, tour guide Topher Sommers and palm reader Etsy Delmen investigate the entity that longs to bring the world into perfect stillness. The Call of the Void is a story with courage, love, and self-acceptance at its root and how necessary those themes are to the human condition.

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The trouble with writing about something you love is the worry that no matter how much you gush over it, you never manage to do it justice. Such is the case for the criminally underrated The Call of the Void. Season one introduced an interesting, unique and totally engrossing story home to some of the best written characters in a podcast series I’ve listened to. Season two is the one to beat with an improvement on the already exemplary writing and character development; making for complete and total ear candy. The only disappointment to be found in this series is that pang of regret you might feel for not listening sooner.

Fans of Lovecraftian-esque horror, complicated family relationships and occasionally murderous cats will adore The Call of the Void. Don’t miss out and click here to catch up on The Call of the Void, learn more about the cast, and donate to the show.

Call of the Void is the gnarly brain child of creative power couple Josie Eli Herman and Michael Alan Herman, who serve as actors, showrunners, writers, sound designers, and producers for the show. The 30 additional members of The Call of the Void cast are Michigan talent including Georgie the cat and is produced by Acorn Arts and Entertainment.


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