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Alice, Sweet Alice Remake Finally On The Way?

Alice, Sweet Alice

the killer strikes in Alice Sweet Alice

Alfred Sole’s 1976 American giallo Alice, Sweet Alice is a cult favourite among horror fans that has otherwise been forgotten thanks to the difficulty in finding it, even in the Internet age. Plagued by both distribution and legal issues upon its initial release, the flick faded into obscurity, leading Sole to a career as a TV production designer.

Back in 2013 his cousin, fellow filmmaker Dante Tomaselli (Horror, Satan’s Playground), announced he was working on a remake, with Cold Case‘s Kathryn Morris as Alice’s mother. Unfortunately, things didn’t exactly go to plan, as Tomaselli explained in a recent chat with iHorror:

We’ve had a series of stop and go experiences mounting the remake. First, Alfred’s ex-agent was confident she had funding but, ultimately, she didn’t. Then Kathryn Morris was going to serve as executive producer, but she couldn’t raise the funds

However, now, three years on from the initial announcement, Tomaselli feels like his take on Alice, Sweet Alice is finally on its way. The director notes massive fan support, with questions being asked constantly on social media:

I never submitted Alice to any small studio or anyone for that matter. Meanwhile, I get asked about it almost every day on Facebook. More than anything, people want to know about Alice, Sweet Alice. When is it coming?

Naturally, the biggest obstacle will come in finding funding for such a niche project, but Tomaselli noted interest is high:

I always planned, or hoped, to finance Alice, Sweet Alice with private funding, so it could remain independent, like the original, but the financing is a beast unto itself. At this moment, I do have solid prospects from European production companies and producers that contacted me out of the blue, knowing that, through my cousin, I own the rights to the remake. The original film has a huge worldwide cult following in the horror world. I’m following through and need to make sure that the money is really there

There’s no word yet on when we can expect the Alice, Sweet Alice reboot but this brand-new synopsis should whet appetites:

This re-imagining of the 1976 cult classic focuses on Alice, a 12-year-old girl consumed with jealousy of her “perfect” younger sister, Karen. When Karen is killed on the day of her first Communion, suspicion falls on Alice. Their mother, Catherine, struggles with the loss of one daughter and the potential guilt of another, and their community becomes overtaken by fear. As more people around Alice are savagely attacked and slain, the mystery deepens: is this young girl responsible, or is someone else indulging a twisted obsession with murder?

Stay tuned to Wicked Horror for more details as the story develops.

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