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AMC Launching Horror Movie Streaming Service ‘Shudder’

You want a Netflix of horror? It’s coming soon. AMC, which sponsors the annual FearFest horror marathon, announced they are Beta-testing their own horror version of Netflix to be tittled ‘Shudder”

You’ll have streaming access access to ad-free horror movies 24/7. Currently, the service is invite only for those who signed up on Shudder’s pre-launch website. Pricing will be $4.99 a month or $49.99 for the year. More than 200+ movies are already on the service, split into several categories.

What makes it unique is comes pre-programmed with a feed call Shudder TV, which plays horror movies all day, every day. So if you miss FEARNET, Shudder should fill in the space that horror fans have been craving for.


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