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Bruce Campbell is Producing a New Evil Dead Movie with Sam Raimi

Ash in Army of Darkness. Is Evil Dead 4 Still Happening?

It’s been a while since any Evil Dead-related news has surfaced; the last we heard was series originator Sam Raimi was totally up for more bloody mayhem if the situation presented itself, particularly if Fede Alvarez was involved, while lead Bruce Campbell was done playing Ash except for maybe in animated form. Now it seems both are still heavily involved in the series that made their names, albeit in different ways.

According to JoBlo, while promoting his upcoming remake of The Grudge at NYCC, Raimi confirmed he’s developing another Evil Dead movie under a new director while Campbell is reportedly acting as producer. Raimi teased at the con:

There’s more Evil Dead coming

No word yet on whether this next installment will pick up where Alvarez’s well-received 2013 remake left off, or if star, and new Ash as it were, Jane Levy will return but fingers crossed.

Campbell previously opined that he was done playing in the muck, literally speaking, but was happy to continue to be Ash elsewhere. The iconic actor wasn’t sure anybody would be up for another messy Evil Dead go-round in general, including Fede Alvarez, who helmed the well-received reboot:

Fede’s a big Hollywood director now. I don’t know if Fede needs this. We’ll have to see

One thing Campbell did make clear, though, was that there was plenty more Evil Dead on the way. There are lots stories to tell within this universe, ones that he’s eager to take a crack at:

[Fans are] going to see different versions, they’re going to be seeing more Evil Dead, too. We’re not done with the Evil Dead saga. More stories to tell

Bloody Disgusting previously confirmed Raimi, who directed the original trilogy and produced the abruptly cancelled, Campbell-starring TV show Ash Vs. Evil Dead, was currently working on a new movie installment. The filmmaker was asked what the future of the franchise might look like, and he was optimistic about where it could go:

I’d love to make another one. I don’t think TV is in its future but we’re talking about – Bruce [Campbell], Rob [Tapert] and myself – one or two different ways to go for the next movie

Raimi doubled down on his comments, elaborating on what they’re currently working on:

We’d like to make another Evil Dead feature and in fact we’re working on some ideas right now

It’s unclear whether the new movie would continue on where Army of Darkness left off, or take a different route entirely. But either way this is hugely exciting news for Evil Dead fans (i.e. everybody). For Raimi’s money, he has plenty of ideas either way:

I would be thrilled if Bruce Campbell changed his mind about retirement, would come back for the original Evil Dead line. But if not, I’m very happy to work with, if Fede [Álvarez] would come back and make the sequel

Raimi also confirmed, once and for all, that the new Evil Dead is a canonical entry although it doesn’t exist in the Bruce Campbell timeline.

The legendary filmmaker even hinted e might not have to wait too long for more, however, teasing:

I think you may see some action on the Evil Dead movie in the next six months

As much as we don’t want to get our hopes up too much, this all sounds super promising. Whatever iteration we get, more Evil Dead is better than no Evil Dead. Now the question is, who will take over the reins from Raimi and Alvarez and step up to the plate to direct?

Stay tuned to Wicked Horror for more Evil Dead related news.

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