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The Chrysalis Will Haunt Bookstores Next Month!

The Chrysalis

Hailed as “Cronenberg-esque body horror with genuine heart,” Brendan Deneen’s The Chrysalis is headed for a bookseller near you next month–September 4th, specifically. Comparisons between The Amityville Horror and Blue Velvet are being drawn. And the tome has already been optioned as a major motion picture from the producers of The Maze Runner. 

Deneen is known for his well-received children’s book, Night Night, Groot as well as his work in the comic industry. The Chrysalis looks promising and should certainly be on your radar upon its forthcoming release.

“Forced out of New York City by rising rents and gentrification, barely-employed millennials Tom and Jenny Decker—an artist and a personal trainer—luck into an amazingly affordable, completely furnished house in the New Jersey suburbs. Jenny doesn’t know there’s something hidden in the basement. Tom does. It soon has him in thrall. The Deckers’ lives are suddenly on an upswing: Tom gets a big-bucks corporate job; Jenny, newly pregnant, opens a small gym catering to moms-to-be. Despite their worries about becoming boring suburbanites, they make friends and begin to acclimate to their new life. Tom regularly visits the basement, where his secret scrambles his senses and heightens his emotions, leaving him feeling euphoric and invincible. As his obsession with the thing in the basement grows, Jenny realizes that to save her family, she must expose everything. Before it destroys them all.”

*Pull Quote from New York Times Bestselling Author of One of Us Will Be Dead by Morning, Dave Moody,

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Written by Tyler Doupé
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