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Creepshow Season 2 Continues the Weird and Wonderful Tradition of the Original Films [Blu-ray Review]


Anthology storytelling has been a successful way of entertaining audiences for years across radio, television and film. Shows like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits have stood the test of time because of the variety in their narrative freedoms. It’s proven to work in features, as well, with films like Trilogy of Terror and V/H/S.

One of the best anthology films to date is George Romero’s Creepshow. With the help of Stephen King, Romero was able to create an anthology experience that uniquely combines horror and comedy. The film was successful enough to spawn a sequel (technically two) and, more recently, a television series.

Shudder has ushered a new wave of the Creepshow into the world of streaming. Special effects wizard Greg Nicotero has helped spearhead the television version as writer, director and producer. It only seems fitting that Nicotero is showrunner of the series. Romero was his horror mentor and the original Creepshow was his gateway into the industry.

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Creepshow Season 2 is currently being released on Blu-ray through RLJE Films. For those without a Shudder subscription, this is a perfect chance to catch up on Nicotero’s version of the franchise. In all, the release includes eleven different stories along with a mixture of satisfying bonus features.

Season two exceeds expectations with great casting, especially in the eyes of horror aficionados. This season offers a long list of memorable appearances, including the likes of Keith David (They Live) and Josh McDermitt (The Walking Dead). Not to mention, Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator) easily has the best line of the season. A selfish elitist, she seals her fate with a drunken aside aimed at her desperate plumber, played by Eric Edelstein (Green Room).

Keith David as Murdoch, Ashley Laurence as Brenda – Creepshow _ Season 2 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/Shudder

Creepshow Season 2 also features some talented guest directors, like Joe Lynch (Mayhem) and Axelle Carolyn (The Manor). Rusty Cundieff (Tales from the Hood) and John Harrison (Tales From The Darkside: The Movie) add credibility to the series, having helmed anthology features of their own back in the 90’s.

Still, it’s Greg Nicotero that is the driving force behind the television series. Outside of The Walking Dead, it’s the most creative control he’s had on a project. One of the extras on the DVD is an interview with Nicotero from Wondercon@Home 2021. He raves over just how much he loves the franchise and how special it is for him to be following in Romero’s footsteps. It’s been a very personal endeavor for him and one of his proudest 

Other bonus features are added to the Blu-ray, as well. First, there are a number of photo galleries covering Season 2, the Animated Special and the Holiday Special. There is also some raw footage from behind-the-scenes giving a little more insight into a few of the monsters created for the second season. A short interview with Bare Knuckles Creative about their work in sound design for Creepshow also provides some insight into how the show is pieced together in post-production. 

The most insightful bonus, outside the Nicotero interview, is an in-depth look at the final episode of Season two. “Night of the Living Late Show” is a story about an inventor who creates a virtual reality where people can insert themselves into any movie of their choosing. Crew members reveal how they were able to infuse Justin Long and D’Arcy Carden into real scenes from Horror Express and Night of the Living Dead. The episode and quality of work put into it make a good argument for this supposed technology and its entertainment potential. 

Creepshow Season 2 continues the successes of the original concept. It has plenty of nostalgia to satisfy fans of the original films, while offering more updated storylines to help attract new audiences. There’s endless possibilities for future stories, so show your support today and pick up a copy now.

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