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Found Footage Film, Amanuda Debuts Exclusively on POV Horror!


Amanuda is making its exclusive streaming debut via POV Horror.  The film originates from India and is the first found footage film to be shot in the Tamil language.

S.S. Jishnu Dev was at the helm of the flick. And Harikrishnan .R.G.assumed screenwriting duties. The picture stars Sree Vishnu .J.S., Harikrishnan .R.G., Sunilkumar .T., Arya, and Ziya Celine. 

Synopsis: The film follows a team of paranormal investigators as they set out to lens a documentary about a forest in rural India that is rumored to be plagued by supernatural forces. Soon, the team begins to realize there may be some credence to the rumors of paranormal goings on in the area. But will they make it out of the forest alive? 

The flick is available to rent via the POV horror website and app and via Amazon in the US and UK. A global rollout strategy is expected to follow. Stay tuned to the site for more news on what’s coming to POV Horror in the coming weeks and months. 

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