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Dark Souls 3 Official Trailer Reveal

E3 is upon us and the reveals just don’t stop coming. Dark Souls 3 being officially announced may come as a surprise to some, since From Software just released their critically acclaimed title Bloodborne with Dark Souls 2 hitting shelves not even too long before that, but if you’ve been paying attention you’ll remember some leaked screen shots and a whole whirlwind of rumors popping up recently. The trailer below doesn’t really do anything to confirm or deny most of those gameplay rumors (aside from Dark Souls 3 existing) since the entire thing is pre-rendered cinematics, but it’s exciting to see nonetheless. It’s dripping with that classic Dark Souls foreboding atmosphere of playing through a dead world and I can’t wait to find out more.

Dark Souls is a third person action RPG franchise that has you playing an undead and questing to collect the Lord Souls and maybe make the world less terrible in the process. The plots of these games are relatively vague and left to the player to figure out, but that’s all a part of the From charm. I’d also be remiss to mention that these games are hard. You can say it’s a part of the franchise’s gimmick, but it’s a big factor in why they have appealed to such a strong core fan base. Dark Souls 3 will hit shelves in “early 2016,” though no exact date has been given yet. Expect it on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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