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Dead Bodies Being Found During Pokemon Go Play!

Dead body found during pokemon go play.

Man finds a dead body in search of a pokemon go character.

Since its launch just a few days ago, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Not only is everyone talking about but it has become the top-grossing app in the App store. Nintendo’s new mobile augmented reality game has brought people out of their homes in droves. It gets its users to walk around physical landscapes to find the virtual Pokemon characters. As yet, there haven’t been any Pokemon Go deaths, but since its launch, two dead bodies have been found by the games users.

A man’s body has been recovered from a brook behind the New Hampshire Holocaust Memorial in Nashua. It was discovered after being spotted by someone playing the Pokemon Go smartphone game.

The area is deemed a “Pokestop”. At Pokestops users can find free items that are valuable to their gameplay.  Pokestops often show up at important landmarks, including public buildings, churches and statues.

Said victim, whose identity has not yet been released, was found floating in Salmon Brook, which runs through the park. Police are currently investigating the circumstances of the man’s death.

A dead body in found face down in water after user plays Pokemon Go.Teenager Shayla Wiggins was playing Pokemon Go in search for a water Pokémon. She ventured toward the Wyoming Highway 789 Bridge and shockingly found a dead body in the river.

Wiggins told CNN Money she went to the river location because she was trying to get a water Pokemon and did not notice the body at first. She was scouting the area to make sure no one else was around, when she spotted the body face down in the water and called police. Shortly after authorities arrived they took Shayla down to the scene where she had indicated she found the body. Detectives believe the body had been there for less than 24 hours.

Despite being shaken by the ordeal, Wiggins plans to continue playing the game.

If you’re playing the current version of everyone’s favorite monster-catching past time, be safe and be aware. Don’t end up on a Pokemon Go horror stories list.

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