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Donald Sutherland On the Don’t Look Now Remake: It’s Bulls**t

In April, we brought you the news that Don’t Look Now was being remade. Today, we have Donald Sutherland’s reaction to the news and he’s definitely not pleased. Head inside to see what the star of the 1974 original had to say!

In an interview with the UK outlet Metro, Sutherland called the idea of remaking the film “bulls**t” and went on to say that the people behind it”should be ashamed of themselves”. The actor continued by asking, ‘Why would they do it? It’s just people trying to profit off the back of something that’s very beautiful.”

Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman are producing the remake of Don’t Look Now. This is the same team behind the Escape from New York remake (which is still in the early stages of development).

As we reported before, the remake is being made under the Studio Canal banner and studios are already expressing interest in the project.  No writer, director, or cast is attached at this point but stay we will keep you apprised as more updates are announced.

I was never really looking forward to the idea of a remake of this, so it’s kind of comforting to see that Donald Sutherland isn’t feeling it, either.

Don’t Look Now follows a couple mourning the loss of their daughter.  When they journey to Venice, they meet a woman who says she has made contact with their daughter in the afterlife. Despite being warned that their very lives are in danger, the couple stays in Italy and tempts fate.

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