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Corin Hardy Still in Contention to Direct The Crow Redux?

The Crow Remake

Coupled with the news that director Corin Hardy will helm the action-thriller Hell Bent for Paramount was a small nugget of information about the long-discussed remake of The Crow. In their announcement on Hell Bent, Deadline reported that “There might be a thaw regarding Hardy’s exit from the The Crow remake that precipitated a legal joust between producer Ed Pressman and Relativity. It is possible that Hardy might re-emerge on that film after all, but there are obstacles still to be overcome and it is possible another studio could come into the mix as an active partner.”

The project currently does not have a star attached. Jack Huston was on board to headline but had to back out. And Luke Evans was attached prior to Huston. Producer Edward Pressman previously told Variety that the project would go before cameras in the back half of 2016, even with Relativity Media’s financial setbacks. “Despite Relativity’s problems, we’re going ahead now,” Ed Pressman told the outlet. But, here we are in the back half of 2016 and this is the first we’ve heard of the project in some time.

The production has already had its fair share of woes, losing two different actors who were attached to play the lead and suffering a series of false starts. This is a remake that most fans do not seem to want to see happen. And if things continue to move as sluggishly as they have been, they may get their wish.

The storyline of The Crow sees a fallen musician being resurrected to seek vengeance on those that slaughtered him and his lover a year earlier. Stay tuned to the site in the coming months for more news on this project as it is made available.

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