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Gift Guide – Handmade Friday the 13th Replica Mask

Handmade Jason Voorhees Mask.

Handmade Jason Voorhees Mask.

This awesome, handmade Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th replica mask will make a great gift for the horror fan on your Christmas list – or will work just as well as a present for yourself! It is available via Brasier76Studios on Etsy.

If you do plan to pick one of these original designs up for the Holiday season, plan in advance as it may take up to two weeks for the item to ship. The seller sends all items priority mail, so once it is crafted, you will have it quickly enough. But don’t wait until the last minute if you are anticipating giving one of these one of a kind items as a gift.

Product description from the seller’s Etsy page: These masks are made out of clear 0.060 PETG plastic. They are lightweight and very durable. The mask itself comes from my own mold which I sculpted, molded and vacuum formed. They are then hand painted. Cracking effect is all done by hand as well. Comes with adjustable elastic straps. These masks are made to order so there will be slight variations in the details and coloring of each mask but the item you receive will look very much like the photo.

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