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Exclusive Interview: Dave Thompson Talks Rocky Horror Picture Show FAQ

Author Dave Thompson has written over 100 books to date, many of which focus on rock and pop music icons. One of his most recent releases hones in on beloved cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show...

friday the 13th

Electric Zombie Unleashes a Line of Friday the 13th Inspired Merchandise

The Electric Zombie website is launching and or relaunching a whole slew of Friday the 13th inspired merchandise. They have put together a series of T-Shirts, posters, resin ball molds, and more! Amon...

Handmade Jason Voorhees Mask.

Gift Guide – Handmade Friday the 13th Replica Mask

This awesome, handmade Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th replica mask will make a great gift for the horror fan on your Christmas list – or will work just as well as a present for yourself!...