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Is Hollywood Making a Labyrinth Reboot or Not?!

The late David Bowie in the cult classic Labyrinth.

The late David Bowie in the cult classic Labyrinth.

It was reported a few days ago the late David Bowie’s cult classic, Labryrinth, was getting a remake. Many fans were angered over the idea that the studio was only remaking the film to profit from Bowie’s recent death.

However, screenwriter Nicole Perlman–best known for writing Guardians of the Galaxy–has said she has “no interest” in remaking the 1986 cult classic.

Perlman took to Twitter to deny her involvement with the film, writing: “Guys, please don’t fall for all the clickbait. No one is remaking Labyrinth. That movie is perfect as it is.

Nicole Perlman takes to Twitter to talk Labyrinth.

Perlman added that she and The Jim Henson Company started working on a continuation for the movie back in 2014, prior to Bowie’s death.

She also tweeted, “Labyrinth is my favorite film from childhood, so I share your concerns that any continuation of the world be handled with love and respect.”

Directed by late great Jim Henson, Labyrinth, is a 1986 fantasy film starring the late David Bowie and the beautiful Jennifer Connelly (Requiem for a Dream).

Labyrinth told of a teenager, played by Connelly, who had to navigate a fantastical maze in order to save her young brother, kidnapped by a goblin king (Bowie).

Perlman didn’t provide any details as to how the continuation would incorporate the original film, but there’s a good possibility that the movie will focus on Toby, the brother Sara (Jennifer Connelly) entered the labyrinth to rescue.

The movie is currently in development, but there’s no word on when it’s expected to be released.
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