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Horror Block Unboxing – February 2016

Unboxing Horror Block

Nerd Block is a subscription mystery box that delivers geeky collectibles right to your door each month. You can choose whatever theme box you are into–there’s the Classic Block, Arcade Block, Sci-Fi Block, Horror Block, Comic Block, and even a Boys Jr. and Girls Jr. Block for younger kids. The sets always includes a t-shirt, along with 4-6 other collectibles that are often exclusive to Nerd Block subscribers. I, of course, chose the Horror Block to try out for a six-month subscription to see what kind of goodies they had to offer. Today we are unboxing the February 2016 Horror Block.

The March issue of Rue Morgue magazine in February 2016's Horror Block

This month’s block was a real treat. It had so many unique and fun items included in it, and I loved every one of them. First up, there is the March 2016 issue of Rue Morgue magazine–always a staple of the block, and always a welcome addition. The issue includes articles about the artists that we lost earlier this year; a look at the film The Reflecting Skin; a cool retrospective on “Sequels that Time Forgot”; plus much more.

A wine stopper in the shape of a zombie finger in February 2016's Horror BlockOn to the fun stuff! This cute little item, exclusive to Nerd Block, is a plastic wine stopper that looks like a severed zombie finger. The tip of the finger goes into the bottle, with the piece of broken bone and some blood showing on the other side. I don’t drink, so I probably won’t be using this for its intended purpose, but this is just the kind of unique thing that horror fans will love to keep their wine from “turning”!

A metal zombie bottle opener in February 2016's Horror BlockAnother exclusive item for the drinkers out there, this innocuous-looking silver zombie head actually serves as a bottle opener. It’s a good quality item, much more solid and sturdy than the wine stopper. He’s about 3 inches tall, and resembles a grey, emaciated zombie with some little wounds on the top of his head. Again, I won’t be using it to open any frosty beverages, but it’s still a nice little knickknack to display.

A zombie egg holder, spoon in the shape of a shovel, and a toast cutter in February 2016's Horror BlockNow this is easily the most unique item in the block. Horror Block has made it possible to incorporate your favorite genre into the most important meal of the day with this zombie egg cup and toast cutter. You can set your hard-boiled egg into the cartoonish but cute zombie head, and then eat it with the little spoon that is actually in the shape of a shovel. The toast cutter is pretty much like a cookie cutter, but it’s a single piece with four different shapes cut into it–a gun, an axe, a sword, and a bat.

Unopened deck of playing cards in February 2016's Horror BlockMy absolute favorite item this month were these Chopping Block Playing Cards. The back of the cards have the Horror Block logo on them with a repeating diamond design. The number cards are fairly standard looking, while the face cards are the really cool part of this item:

Two sets of face cards and the jokers in the deck of playing cards included in February 2016's Horror Block

Two sets of face cards in the deck of playing cards included in February 2016's Horror BlockThe Jokers feature the clown that everyone fears the most, Pennywise from It. The other face cards are like their own little art prints with amazing designs featuring different horror villains. The Kings and Jacks have male villains on them, like Michael Myers, Hannibal Lecter, and Jason Voorhees; and the Queens feature famous females like the twins from The Shining and Carrie White. The designs on some of these are so great that I wish I had bigger versions of them to hang on my wall. This is an amazing addition to the block, and one of the reasons I am so glad I signed up for it. Who wants to join me for poker night?

Daryl Dixon inspired t-shirt in the February 2016's Horror BlockThe last item is another great t-shirt, especially for fans of The Walking Dead. At first glance, the shirt is not an overt reference to the show, but the Daryl Dixon lovers out there will recognize the signature wings from his leather vest, and the arrow in the skull that came from his trusty crossbow. This shirt is a great way to show your love The Walking Dead and its most popular character. I love it!

February 2016’s Horror Block was a definite win, all around. It has items that are both collectible and able to be used in every day life instead of just being random  knickknacks, and that is appreciated.  The tease for next month’s block includes an item from The Ring, so I can’t wait to see what that is. If you like what you saw here, head on over to Nerd Block to start your subscription today!

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