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Latest Happy Death Day 2U Trailer Brings The Carnage

Happy Death Day 2U

Happy Death Day was one of the biggest, and most wonderful, surprises of 2017. A smart, modern, female-led slasher with its tongue firmly in its cheek, the flick proved that with the right studio, mainstream horror could still have something interesting to say. A sequel was inevitable and, sure enough, just two years on the brilliantly titled Happy Death Day 2U will land in theaters (on Valentine’s Day, natch).

Jessica Rothe returns to the burgeoning franchise as no-nonsense sorority lady Tree, the chick menaced by the terrifying yet weirdly cute baby-faced killer in the first movie. This time around, however, our heroine learns that it was actually preferable to die over and over again rather than inflict the dangers of the killer on her loved ones.

Happy Death Day 2U is produced once again by the mighty Blumhouse, with Christopher Landon returning as writer-director. The film is due to hit theaters on February 14, 2019.

The bad ass trailer, which you can watch below, promises plenty of the hilariously bloody carnage we all fell in love with first time around (note: this is only a good date movie if your paramour is of a similar disposition). Tree looks to outwit her devilishly cute assailant by, essentially, killing herself over and over again.

But, how long will that mad solution last? Expect lots of laughs, jumps, and a killer reveal when Babyface finally takes off his mask.

I seriously cannot wait for this one, particularly as a slasher obsessive. Even the title is genius, so hopefully Happy Death Day 2U won’t fall victim to sequelitis like so many of our beloved movies. Check out the trailer below, along with the sick poster, and sound off in the comments about whether you’re excited for this massive 2019 release.

Stay tuned to Wicked Horror for more info on the flick as it becomes available.

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