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Blood on my Sofa: Shedding Light on Into the Dark: Uncanny Annie

Welcome to Blood on my Sofa! Each month I will be providing you with a movie recommendation. It won’t be just any movie, but a film I watched during the previous month that really rocked my worl...

The Craft we are the weirdos

Nicholas Galitzine Joins The Craft Remake

The Craft remake is rounding out its cast nicely, with up-and-coming British actor Nicholas Galitzine set to join the four ladies playing with black magic at its dark heart. The upcoming flick, a co-p...

Prey is Loaded with Great Jolts and Carried By Logan Miller’s Powerhouse Performance [Review]

Prey, not to be confused with the rather good wintry slasher Cold Prey from a few years back, is the latest in a line of survival horror movies pitching young men against the elements. Much like Jungl...


Is David Gordon Green Returning for Halloween II?

Rumors have been swirling for the past month or so that a sequel to last year’s rather brilliant Halloween reboot is in the works. Precious little is known about who’s returning, who’...

found footage films Paranormal Activity

New Paranormal Activity Movie in Development with Blumhouse!

We thought it was all over but apparently those damn spirits just won’t stay in their lane, because another Paranormal Activity movie is reportedly in the works. It’s time to batten down t...

MA is Middle of the Road Blumhouse Fare [Review]

MA, pronounced like “Maw” everywhere except Ireland where we say “Maaaah,” is the latest Blumhouse effort looking to scare easily pleased multiplex audiences out of their seats...

Happy Death Day 2U

Latest Happy Death Day 2U Trailer Brings The Carnage

Happy Death Day was one of the biggest, and most wonderful, surprises of 2017. A smart, modern, female-led slasher with its tongue firmly in its cheek, the flick proved that with the right studio, mai...


Every Easter Egg and Reference in the Halloween Trailer Broken Down

Fans are still riding the high of that Halloween trailer. It’s a stunning look at a movie that, for people who love horror, feels like an event. Halloween is an anniversary driven franchise about an a...

Still from The Purge 3: Election Year

The Purge TV Series Officially Starts Filming

If you’re sick of waiting for July 4th to roll around and a new Purge movie to hit theaters, fear not, because the TV spinoff has just started filming in New Orleans. Production has commenced on...

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