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Madballs Being Relaunched, Animated Specials on the Way!

madballs are making a comeback.

Last year we heard the exciting news that those squishy, monstrous Madballs from the 1980’s were making a comeback. Well, it looks like that comeback is back with a bang!

Madballs returning

American Greetings Entertainment will be teaming up with its master toy partner Just Play to bring back the 1980’s cult entertainment phenomenon (which sold tens of millions of units 30 years ago) to a new audience.

The Madballs brand will get a full-on relaunch which will include not only brand new Madballs, but a variety of products including play-sets, accessories, and animated shorts. If you’re an 80’s child this is news to get you pumped for sure!

The brand will officially make its return this Fall through a series of animated shorts. However, the toy line “including classic and mini-collectible MadBalls” won’t relaunch until in Spring 2017.

Madballs making a big relaunch comeback.

In meantime, AGE will be releasing vinyl figures, collectables, and soft foam balls for Christmas 2016, as well as Brunswick Bowling Products for bowling balls, ROAR Comics for comics and graphic novels, Mondo for over-priced tees and collectibles, and Gourmandise cell phone accessories in Japan.

The franchise will also be popping up in a free-to-play mobile game by Las Maquinitas Studios and Playbrains’ Babo Invasion.

Art boutique Mondo recently put high-quality vinyl Madballs figures up for pre-order on their site. MADBALLS are returning, yeahhhh!

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