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Major News Regarding the Release of Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno!

Civilization being caressed by cannibals in Eli Roth's Green Inferno.

Poster for Eli Roth's The Green Inferno.

The theatrical release of Eli Roth’s latest film, The Green Inferno, was recently delayed indefinitely. World View Pictures up and removed the picture from its release calendar due to a legal battle pertaining to the film’s marketing. It was scheduled for a nationwide theatrical release on September 5th of last year but until today, the ultimate fate of the picture was unknown. However, IndieWire caught up with Roth to discuss his appearance at Sundance and the director has shed a great deal of light on the future of The Green Inferno. Head inside for details!

When the film blog probed Roth for details about the film’s release, he said the following, “As of right now, all systems are go for the theatrical release. Here’s the thing: everyone is working to resolve it. Open Road has been amazing through this entire process. I really love them, they’ve been great. Even with whatever situation World View is going through, everyone is working together to find the best, cleanest, most positive resolution and get the film out in the widest release possible. I think realistically it would be in the August to September range. We wanted to have an announcement at Sundance. Trust me, I check in with the lawyers every day. Everyone is working to resolve it as soon as possible and we have hope to have an announcement within the next couple of weeks for the definite theatrical plan for the film. Everyone’s been so supportive. It’s almost been like “Save ‘The Green Inferno,'” in the same way that the students in the film want to save the Amazon.”

The Green Inferno was pulled from Worldview Entertainment’s release calendar due to an issue with their former CEO’s commitment to provide $3.7 million for Prints and Advertising and without that funding in place, the fate of The Green Inferno was left hanging in the balance.

This development has also put the planned sequel (Beyond the Green Inferno) which according to IMDb pro is still in the script stage into tenuous territory.

This marks Roth’s first feature film directorial effort since Hostel Part II. But the wait seems to be worth it. The Green Inferno has been garnering primarily positive reviews on the festival circuit. Rest assured that we will keep you apprised when more details inevitably roll in on this project. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!

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