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Jeff Buhler Offers Major Updates on the Reboots of Pet Sematary, Jacob’s Ladder, and The Grudge

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Screenwriter Jeff Buhler (The Midnight Meat Train) has really got his hands full these days. He is currently involved with scripting reboots for no less than three recognizable horror films. Our friends at Dread Central caught up with the man to discuss the status of his various endeavors. Buhler was extremely candid and offered a great deal of insight into where each project stands. Keep reading for the latest on the reboots of Jacob’s Ladder, Pet Sematary, and The Grudge. 

As for Pet Sematary, Buhler confirmed that the project is currently casting and is actually targeting recognizable talent. “They are currently out to cast, and they are going for some bigger names, so it’s taking some time.

The latest installment in The Grudge franchise is being described as a relaunch but it sounds an awful lot like a straight remake. It is being billed as a reimagining of the mythology explored in akashi Shimizu’s 2002 original as well as the 2004 remake he helmed. As far as where the project stands, Buhler explains that he “delivered the final script in November and worked really hard to get it where it needed to be. Finally, everyone involved has read it, and most importantly Sam [Raimi] and his producing partners are in agreement that it’s awesome. Something completely new but very much a Grudge movie. Everyone is super excited, and they are going out to directors now.

Buhler has quite a bit to say about the redux of Jacob’s Ladder, as well. From the sound of it, we might be seeing it in theaters sooner rather than later. ”They are closing the deal with the lead actors right now and moving fast to shoot this summer. What’s so cool about this version of Jacob’s is the producers involved, including Will Packer, who produced Straight Outta Compton and No Good Deed, have a lot of experience with genre movies geared toward an urban audience but that have wide appeal to anyone who loves genre. It’s a really cool approach because there are so many people from different backgrounds in the military who come back from war f**ked up. The experience of PTSD is not specific to any one group of people. This version of Jacob’s Ladder will have a more contemporary and diverse look at the world of military families. My version of Jacob’s Ladder is all about the ‘coming home’ process as opposed to these guys in the field still having battles in their minds, so it’s much more personal and emotional. Producers Michael Gaeta and Allison Rosensweig, along with Will Packer and LD Entertainment, are moving aggressively forward.”

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