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Rob Zombie is Close to Finishing Postproduction on 31

Rob Zombie's 31

The official Twitter account for Rob Zombie’s killer clown film 31 has shared an image of the director color timing the film. This leads us to believe that he is in the final stages of post and the film should be complete very soon. Although, I would venture to guess that it probably will not see release until next fall, as it is a Halloween flick. But that is just an educated guess. We will let you know for sure as soon as we learn more about Alchemy’s release strategy.

As we previously announced, 31 has been acquired for for US distribution by Alchemy but when it will actually see a US release is still unknown at this point.

The film stars Lew Temple (Devil’s Rejects), Lawrence Hilton Jacobs (Otis), Sheri Moon Zombie (Lords of Salem), Malcolm McDowell (Clockwork Orange), Judy Geeson (The Lords of Salem), Meg Foster (They Live), Richard Brake (Doom), Daniel Roebuck  (Phantasm: Ravager), Michael “Redbone” Alcott (The Devil’s Rejects), Jeffrey Daniel Phillips (Lords of Salem), and more.

31 is set in 1975. The project zeroes in on five people kidnapped in the days leading up to Halloween. They are brought to a place called Murder World where they must fight for their survival by playing a deadly game called 31. To win, the ‘contestants’ must kill their opponents over a 12-hour period. Their adversaries are comprised of a group of sadistic killer clowns. The title obviously refers to Halloween–the 31st day in October.

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