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Stephen King Promises IT Will Begin Lensing Soon

We previously reported that the It remake is planning to start production shortly but today, that sentiment has been echoed by the creator of the character, himself. Stephen King took to Facebook to share his excitement about The Dark Tower and It both heading into production. Specifically, he said: “The Dark Tower movie is filming; It begins soon. Pretty cool.”

What we know so far is that the producers are targeting an R-rating! It’s likely that the unprecedented success of Deadpool didn’t hurt when it came to convincing the execs at Newline to go for an R-rating. The creative team’s intent is to stay as close to the source material as possible. We also know that the film will be taking advantage of the California Tax Credit.

As we previously reported, Cary Fukunaga departed the It remake over budgetary disagreements with the studio. Andrés Muschietti (Mama) has signed on to helm the forthcoming adaptation of the Stephen King tome. Gary Doberman wrote the most recent draft of the script with Muschietti.

Will Poulter was previously expected to play the killer clown in the film. However, at this point, his involvement is unclear. He has previously appeared in The Revenant. The killer clown was depicted by Tim Curry in the original adaptation.

The 1991 television miniseries and the forthcoming remake are both based on the Stephen King tome of the same name. No additional details on the upcoming project are available at this time but stay tuned to the site in the coming months and we will keep you apprised as more news is announced.

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