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Author Joe Hill to Tackle Tales from the Darkside Comic

Tales from the Darkside

Well, we didn’t get the chance to see Tales from the Darkside hit the small screen like we were supposed to. But here is a bit of news that will take some of the sting out of that: Joe Hill (NOS4A2) and Gabriel Rodríguez (Onyx) are set to reunite for an IDW comic book revival of the property.

The series is planned for a four issue run. The press release describes it as: “Structured to have the scope of Locke & Key while exploring a vast, underlying mythology, Tales aims to unfold a cohesive universe made up of each individual issue. These stories will draw inspiration from the TV series that it has spawned from while also taking a meta approach to the material.”

Hill offered some additional insight into his goals for the comic: “This is the show that could’ve been,” explained Hill. “The original Tales from the Darkside was a fun, bleak little spin on the Twilight Zone style anthology. My idea is to give readers a little more. Every story is meant to stand alone, but gradually, you will come to see how they all connect, to tell a single larger story.”

Gabriel Rodríguez will be tasked with cover art creation but artist Charles P. Wilson III (The Wraith) will also be on board to produce variant covers for the property.

The first issue of the series is slated for a June, 2016 release. Stay tuned to the site between now and then for more on this and the latest in horror news.

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