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The Lost Boys Series May Feature The Frog Sisters

The Lost Boys: The Beginning 1987

As we first reported (in 2016), The Lost Boys is being developed for the small screen by the CW Network. We then brought you the news (in 2017)  that the show was being bumped to the next development cycle, along with the reboot of Charmed. While the Charmed remake is currently airing on the network, we have yet to see a whole lot of movement on The Lost Boys small screen adaptation.

With that said, we do have some news to report on the forthcoming project, today. The scoop comes courtesy of  Collider’s Witching Hour Podcast. Hosts Haleigh and Perri revealed a report from journalist Jeff Sneider that The Frog Brothers may, in fact, be The Frog Sisters when the small screen redux ultimately makes its debut. The character’s names will reportedly be Cassie and Liza.

Depending on how you look at it, this could be good news. It means that the series won’t be a straight up rehash of the film. And it shouldn’t be. If you’re going to redevelop a property, it should differentiate itself from its predecessor.

The series is being developed for TV by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas. Thomas, who also created iZombie for the network previously revealed that he envisions the series as a seven-season anthology (each season set in a different decade). According to his initial report, the only element that will carry through from season to season will be the immortal ‘Lost Boys’. The first season will be set in San Francisco, 1967. Thomas is assuming scripting duties on the pilot and possibly additional episodes, as well.

The Lost Boys feature film sees brothers Michael and Sam relocating to Santa Carla, California. Upon their arrival, the pair discovers that the city is swarming with bloodthirsty vampires.

Joel Schumacher’s The Lost Boys stars Jason Patric, the late Corey Haim, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, and Corey Feldman. No word at this juncture on who will be starring in the television series. Stay tuned to the site in the coming months for more on this project as it breaks!

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