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Troma President and Co-Founder Lloyd Kaufman Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Lloyd Kaufman takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
Lloyd Kaufman headshot.

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Troma Co-founder and President Lloyd Kaufman has risen to the occasion and taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Not surprisingly, he has put his own unique Tromatic spin on the challenge. Kaufman also shows his support for testicular cancer research by abusing a Troma intern. Come inside and take a look at the video which was uploaded to Troma’s YouTube Channel!

The Ice Bucket Challenge has been gaining a great deal of traction as of late. Viral videos of celebrities showing their support for ALS research have been circulating the web. Some popular names in the horror world have even upped the stakes by opting to have stage blood poured over their heads rather than ice water. See Lloyd Kaufman’s showing his support in the below video clip!

Troma has been around since 1974. It was co-founded by Lloyd Kaufman and his college friend Michael Herz. It is now one of the largest and longest standing independent film studios in the US. Through the Troma brand, we’ve been introduced to a series of cult icons like The Toxic Avenger and Sergeant Kabukiman. Troma has also served as a jumping off point for genre film celebrities and household names alike. Writer/Director James Gunn (Gaurdians of the Galaxy) got his start working with Troma and splatter master Eli Roth began his career acting in Troma pictures.



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