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Unsolved Mysteries Returns July 1st, 2020

Unsolved Mysteries

Amateur investigators, ghost hunters and UFO enthusiasts rejoice. The hit, nightmare-inducing Unsolved Mysteries has been picked up by Netflix and will premier new episodes beginning July 1st, 2020.

Unsolved Mysteries premiered in January of 1987 and ran until April of 2010. During the show’s run viewers saw stories of unsolved crimes, tales of lost loved ones, reports of buried treasure, ghosts, UFO’s and so much more.

In 2017, original series producers John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer expressed interest in reviving the series again. Cosgrove and Meurer teamed up with 21 Laps Entertainment of Stranger Things fame and began working on the relaunch. On January 18, 2019, Netflix announced it picked up 12 brand new episodes of the show for its forthcoming debut.

So what can fans of the original Unsolved Mysteries expect with this latest outing of the beloved series? We here at Wicked Horror have learned several things will be different this time around from the original. Unlike the initial run, each episode of the new Unsolved Mysteries will focus on just one case per episode, versus the original where 3 to 4 stories were presented.

The new version will also be lacking a narrator. Fans of the original remember the velvet voiced, trench coat clad, and menacing stare of original host and accomplished actor Robert Stack. In January 2019, show creator John Cosgrove sat down for an interview with Channel Nonfiction to discuss some of the changes. In the interview Cosgrove told Gregory Crofton that the new version will “be very different and there’s no host and no narrator, so it will be pure documentary style.”

The July 1st debut will cover the fascinating and intriguing case of close encounters and extraterrestrial abductions of family members that were alleged to have occurred in September of 1969 in and around Sheffield, Massachusetts. I will let the show explain the case beyond the above information.


In July, Netflix will release the first 6 episodes which will be followed up in October with the remaining six episodes, just in time for Halloween. During its run, Unsolved Mysteries helped to close some 500 cases and aided in bringing closure to many devastated families and loved ones. I can only hope the new run of the series is able to similar results.

As a lifelong Unsolved Mysteries devotee, I cannot wait for the new season to premier. While it will be noticeably different from the original, I have faith that the new series will hold up, especially since the original creative team is back on board.

The only unforgiveable sin for this new series would be if the original Unsolved Mysteries theme has been nixed. Even those who have not watched the show in years can usually recite the notes to the theme song. It’s that memorable! As I patiently wait for the new shows to drop on July 1st, I invite you to partake in this reboot with me.  In the words of the late, great Robert Stack…Join me. Perhaps you may be able to help solve a mystery

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Written by Aaron Posey
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