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Husk Will Satisfy Your Horror Survival Cravings

As far as indie horror games go, especially on PC, often they’re either major hits or terrible misses in terms of plot, story, and graphics. However, Undead Scout, a small, Polish video game development company, has fans buzzing after announcing that their latest game, Husk, will be released on February 3 of this year.

Undead Scout’s first game, The Clearing, was released in 2015 and received a great reception from fans. The Clearing boasted a horror narrative that told a cryptic tale, while the player wanders through beautiful scenery, surviving as they put the puzzle pieces together.

Husk appears to be another horror narrative based game, but the trailer takes a darker turn in setting up the story. The main character, an adult male, is describing how he watched his father beat his mother during childhood, while the viewer is privy to seemingly random scenes that both excite and terrify.

Husk 2

Just two minutes worth of a trailer looks intense and has many already calling this a Silent Hill-esqe game to satisfy the starving fans of the franchise–high praise indeed.

Additionally, at the end of one particular trailer, welcometoshivercliff.com pops up on the screen, directing the viewer to a website dedicated to the imaginary town in which the game takes place.

This could be taken as another Silent Hill like detail, but we will not know for sure until it hits in February. As it stands, we’re pretty excited.

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