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‘Jamie Marks is Dead’ is Headed to Select Theaters and VOD August 29th

Jamie Marks is Dead is the long awaited sophomore feature film effort from Carter Smith (The Ruins). It is based on the Christopher Barzak novel One for Sorrow. While the film isn’t straight horror, there will definitely be horror overtones built into the story. Jamie Marks is Dead made its world premiere at The Sundance Film Festival January 19, 2014 and will be coming to select theaters and VOD August 29th courtesy of Gravitas Ventures.

The picture stars Cameron Monaghan (Vampire Academy), Liv Tyler (The Strangers), and Judy Greer (Carrie 2013). Carter Smith both penned the screenplay and served as the film’s director.

The film hasn’t received enough reviews to earn a rating from Rotten Tomatoes but of the three reviews up on the aggregate film ratings site, all of them are positive.

Jamie Marks is Dead tells the story of an often overlooked teenager who y is found dead on a riverbank. His body is discovered by two of his peers, Adam and Gracie. After the pair discover Jamie’s body, they begin seeing visions of the boy’s ghost. Adam ultimately becomes obsessed with Jamie and understanding who he was.

Director(s): Carter Smith
Writer(s): Carter Smith
Stars: Liv Tyler, Judy Greer, Cameron Monaghan
Release: August 29, 2014 (Limited theatrical and VOD)
Studio/ Production Co: Verisimilitude
Language: English
Length: 100 Minutes
Sub-Genre: Supernatural Thriller, Drama

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