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Silent Retreat- Upcoming Horror Movie

Silent Retreat directed by Ace Jordan.

Silent Retreat is the directorial debut for Ace Jordan, who also wrote the screenplay. It centers on a media company’s terrifying trip to a lodge in the woods.

Six employees of a media company go on a weekend business trip. When one of the members goes missing, things begin to get eerie as they discover that the lodge was formerly a private mental institution. This institute had been shut down after allegations of unethical behavior, and one by one, as the group confront it’s dark past, fall victim to the secrets buried at the lodge.

Silent Retreat also stars Donny Boaz (13 Sins), Rebecca Pitkin (The Spell), Danilo Di Julio (Argo), Devon Ogden (Séance: The Summoning), Eli Bildner (Alpha House), Trista Robinson (The Human Race), and Aidan Flynn (The Birthday Boys TV series).

The story is also co-written by Heather Smith and Taryn Stenberg.

We will keep you apprised when more details about Silent Retreat come in.

Release Date: 2015Director: Ace Jordan
Writer(s): Ace Jordan, Heather Smith, Taryn Stenberg
Stars: Donny BoazRebecca PitkinDanilo Di Julio
Studio/ Production Co: Starko EntertainmentTucker Family ProductionsJordanfilm Empirical Pictures
Budget: $600,000 (estimated)
Language: English
Length: 92mins
Sub-Genre: Thriller

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