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‘Tusk’ – Kevin Smith’s New Horror Film

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Kevin Smith’s new horror film Tusk tells the story of Wallace, a young man that travels to Canada to conduct an interview for his podcast. But when he arrives, Wallace discovers that the subject of this interview has other plans for him: He wants to turn Wallace into a human walrus.

The idea for the film originated from Smith’s SModacst. The director took to Twitter to gauge fan interest in the concept and received a largely positive response. The concept grew from there and found Smith putting together a script and getting the project off the ground. The film was shot over the course of three weeks in November 2013 and will make its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival with a theatrical release scheduled for September 19.2014.

Tusk will star Justin Long (Jeepers Creepers) as Wallace and Michael Parks (Red State) as Howard, the walrus enthusiast. Smith has already penned a spinoff script featuring two of the characters from Tusk called Yoga-Hosers. The spinoff has already attracted some noteworthy talent, including Johnny Depp and Natasha Lyonne.

Director(s): Kevin Smith
Writer(s): Kevin Smith
Stars: Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Michael Parks, Genesis Rodriguez, Johnny  Depp
Release: September 19, 2014
Studio/ Production Co:  A24 Films
Language: English
Sub-Genre: Captivity Horror


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