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Waxwork Remake May be in the Cards for Directors of Lost After Dark!

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The directors of Lost After Dark (review) dropped a major bombshell in a recent interview with Nerd Report. The duo revealed that they are currently developing a remake of the frequently under appreciated 1988 horror flick Waxwork. Though there are certainly still hurdles to overcome, the pair apparently have a variety of script ideas and the blessing of Anthony Hickox (the director of the original).

Ian Kessner told the outlet, “Right now we’re working on a couple of other horror projects. One of them is a reboot of the ‘80s classic Waxwork.”

Bo Ransdell followed up by saying, “It’s got a Something Wicked This Way Comes vibe where the waxwork appears in town overnight. It’s really fun. It’s also an opportunity for us to play in a whole bunch of horror genres, kind of an anthology where the characters keep falling into these different vignettes or the different worlds where they tackle different horror tropes, and they tackle the best parts of it, the climax. So it’s really fun for us if we get to make it because we get to explore all these different genres within the horror, sort of like Cabin in the Woods.”

No word just yet on when exactly the project would go into production but the filmmakers seem determined and they are coming off the success of Lost After Dark, so now is as good a time as any.

The original Waxwork saw a group of friends pitted against a sinister waxwork that brought to life a series of classic horror stories.

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