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What We Do in the Shadows Spinoff Has a Clever New Title

What We DO in the Shadows - vampire movies that went overlooked.

We have just learned that Taika Waititi has a new title in mind for the spinoff-sequel to the hilarious What We Do in the Shadows. It was previously planned as What We Do in the Moonlight. But we like the new title better. Head inside to see what the co-director plans to call the follow up effort.

Crave caught up with Waititi at the Sundance Film Festival and probed about the previously announced sequel-spinoff that will follow the pack of werewolves featured in What We Do in the Shadows. 

Waititi told Crave: “Jemaine [Clement] and I are trying to write a werewolves spin-off. It will most likely be the next thing after he wraps production on Thor: Ragnarok. It’s going to be called We’re Wolves, like ‘We are wolves.’ We’re Wolves.”

The mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows followed three vampires who live together as roommates. The picture will chronicle their day-to-day struggles as they cope with everyday problems, like paying rent or quarreling over household chores, as well as tackle more unique issues like where to find human blood. The spinoff will likely take a similar approach in following a pack of werewolves. Stay tuned to the site in the coming months for more on this as it is announced.

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