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Advance Review: Judas Ghost

judas ghost review

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Judas Ghost, is based on the Ghostfinder book series written by New York Times bestselling author Simon R. Green. It follows a team of professional ghost hunters who are sent to investigate the haunting of an old village hall.

Our three ghost hunters include leader of the gang Jerry Mackay (Martin Delaney- Zero Dark Thirty), psychic Anna Gilmore (Lucy Cudden- Pulp) and former ghost finder Mark Vega (Simon Merrells –The Wolfman), who had previously been committed for stress but has been pulled out by the Institute for this mission. The group is also joined by twitchy tech guy, Ian (Alexander Perkins – Pride). We later learn that they are working for an organization that investigates the paranormal called the Carnacki Institute.

The picture begins with Jerry speaking to the camera and explaining the standard types of haunting: Poltergeist, Exorcism, Ghost/Revenant, and perhaps the scariest and least explored, Beast. Shortly thereafter, the group discovers that all is not what it seems as the psychic Anna can’t seem to detect anything in the hall, not even traces of the living, which it should be rife with. They quickly come to suspect that something very powerful is masking itself. It quickly becomes clear that they are facing something far more sinister than they first suspected.

As the malevolent spirits continue to wreak havoc on the group, one ghastly figure, known only as the ‘Judas Ghost, decides to show its rotting features to all. Unfortunately, despite being the titular monster, the Judas Ghost does little to stir up fright in the audience. It’s not scary or intimidating and doesn’t add much to the film.

Judas Ghost would have done well to reveal a little more backstory on all of its leads because we never really get to know any of them. In spite of that, the acting is okay. Martin Delaney is pretty genuine as the cocky paranormal investigator. However, the rest of the cast unfortunately didn’t leave much of an impression. Cudden felt slightly wide eyed, Simon a little stiff and Alexander a bit over-the-top at times.

As an independent film on a tight budget, the filmmakers behind Judas Ghost, did a decent job with the tools they had available but it ultimately lacks the punch needed to pull off a truly scary movie. There is a sense of mystery and suspense maintained throughout but the fright quotient isn’t high enough to truly terrify anyone.

If you have the urge to seek this one out, Judas Ghost will be available on DVD and VOD on the April 20th 2015.


Written and Directed by: Simon Pearce and Simon R Green
Stars: Martin Delaney, Lucy Cudden, Simon Merrells
Release: April 20th, 2015 (DVD and On Demand)
Studio/Production: Falling Shadows Productions
Language: English
Length: 75 Minutes
Sub-Genre: Fantasy/Horror

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